10-12 September / Barcelona

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Join fellow party-goers and enjoy an unforgettable night filled with music and excitement.
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Alexa Johnson

A seasoned DJ spinning tunes for over a decade, bringing energy and passion to every set.

Maxwell Cruz

A renowned party host known for creating magical experiences at exclusive nightlife venues.

Sophia Lee

A talented performer who captivates the crowd with her mesmerizing dance routines and stage presence.

Carlos Sanchez

A top-rated mixologist crafting innovative cocktails that elevate the nightlife experience to new heights.

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Our Organizing Team

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Julia Baker

An events management expert with years of experience curating unforgettable nightlife experiences.

David Smith

A skilled organizer known for orchestrating seamless events that leave guests amazed and delighted.

Maria Rodriguez

A creative mind behind the scenes, ensuring every detail of the event contributes to a fantastic experience.

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